Sunday, March 8, 2009

3 tiny unstructureds

[running like 3 days late here... le sigh...]

serve me my pretention
on toast
I will eat my words
with a grain of salt.
hopefully they taste
like your shampoo.

zoom pop and a bang
and it fizzles one two three
lame-ass shots and another
and I'm grinning and I get a twinge
waiting for each one
less predictable than the last
and this is moronic
I will only hurt myself
but I cant help it
I just want to see you sparkle

artifice of failure.
a trellis in summer
draped in the brown, sickly net
of something dying.
from a lack
of knowledge, care, insight.
I cannot fix it
so I watch it rot:
lovely and ugly.

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